3 presser foot guest blogger.


I was selected to be the Presser Foot guest blogger for the month, and my intro post just went up on the blog! 

Presser Foot is a group sewing blog.  There is a project every month and everyone makes their own version of the chosen item for that month.  This month we'll be making this Wasp Bag, isn't it cute?

Photo from machen/machen.
Kelli and Rian sent me some pretty fabrics to work with. I love the pattern and the colors are perfectly modern.  I'll be writing on their blog as the bag comes together, so don't forget to check it out!

Photo from Presser Foot
And for those of you whose list of resolutions includes learning to sew things that aren't straight lines, this is the perfect time to start!  


  1. Congrats!!!
    I'll totally be following as I'm in 'needs to sew other than straight lines group' :)

  2. give me that. i want it.

  3. I just recently discovered Presser Foot - I'm looking forward to the Wasp Bag series! Good luck and good sewing!


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