10 kitchen time.


I spent most of Saturday morning in my kitchen, making homemade cheese ravioli with my mother-in-law.
There are a lot of steps to making ravs, and every family has a completely different method of accomplishing the same task.  The process this time was a little foreign to me, as I was used to the way my own mother would make them when I was a child.  It felt almost wrong learning this new method, like I was getting let in on a secret that I wasn't supposed to know about.

The hardest part has to be forming the dough around the cheese, making sure to get all the air bubbles out (but without making any holes in the dough) so they won't explode when you try to cook them.
Cutting them out is almost as fun as cutting fabric!  Plus there's no measuring (bonus!).
After pinching the edges with a fork, they all get lined up on cookie sheets.
And added to a pot of boiling water to cook.
Then they're left to dry off on cloths, in this case, vintage pillowcases (see that embroidery?).
We tested out our new pasta cutter with the excess dough...perfect for some fettucine!
After 3+ hours in the kitchen, we package up 12 dozen delicious cheese ravioli.  Yum!
It feels so satisfying to put all that work into turning bricks of cheese, flour, and egg and into something so good.  It also reminds me how much I enjoy spending time in the kitchen.  I'm pretty sure my husband is happy about it too, considering how much he loves cheese ravs.  Now all that's left is to eat them!  For some reason, I don't think we'll have any trouble with that part.


  1. wow, that is some beautiful pasta!!

  2. I can't even imagine spending 3 hours making my own pasta/ravioli! Although I'm sure the homemade kind is so much better than the store bought :)

    Yummy, what time is dinner and when should we get there?

  3. How fun! We've been meaning to make our own pasta; our grocery store makes it good and fresh so we've been too lazy but this post gave us the push we've needed! I always make fresh noodles when we make chicken noodle soup, though... it makes a huge homemade difference!

  4. This looks fantastic! I am so envious of people who do homemade pasta. You are super multi-talented!!! I like the way you relate cutting the sheet of pasta to cutting fabric. ;)

  5. Those look fantastic. I'd love a big bowl of that deliciousness.

  6. Wow! That ravioli looks amazing. What a lovely way to spend your morning. It makes me what to dust off the pasta machine this weekend.

  7. Wow, you are industrious!!! The ravs look so good. How do you make the pasta part?


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