5 circle quilt sighting.


Sara from Stinkerpants recently posted the adorable nursery she put together for her baby girl Charlie, featuring a gorgeous circle quilt made by her mother!  Head over to her blog to see more pictures of the room, and check out the fun illustrations she draws while you're at it.
If you have a project that was inspired by this blog or based off of one of my tutorials, I'd love it if you added your photos to my new flickr group, Bijou Lovelies!  It's empty right now and I'm the only member, so I'm a little desperate for friends (and photos!).  If you add your photos to the group, your projects have a good chance of being featured here as well.  I'm excited to see what you've all been making!


  1. How cute! I love the choice of colors she went with!

  2. It is so wonderful to see when someone actually does something with a tutorial you write. Hooray! That nursery is fabulous. I hope her little guy LOVES it. Orange is supposed to be very stimulating for brain development.

  3. I love it!!! Its amazing.
    Now, I need to take pics of mine. Egh I suck. Sorry Holly

  4. Thanks for sharing all your tutorials! I hope to do the circle quilt next, I just finished the market tote. I love the colors in this quilt.

  5. Her nursery turned out so well! I love the circle quilt! I am scared to try, but maybe I'll have more confidence after the Home Ec sewing class.


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