4 more paper.


Remember the bridal shower invitations I mentioned that I had to finish recently?
They are finished and off to all 75 invitees.  
You may be thinking... "75 invitations to a shower?  Isn't that kind of a lot?"  I was thinking that too when I made them, so simplicity was my goal.  I picked up a Paper Pail Stationary Set from Target and used the notecards as my invitation backing to avoid cutting.  I switched up the envelope color based on the invitation backing for a little variety.

Then I lined each envelope with some wrapping paper leftover from last Christmas that miraculously coordinated.
I realize envelope liners aren't really a necessity, but they make the invites seem much more special and give the envelopes a nice weight (they were pretty flimsy on their own).
Plus, they just sort of look pretty.
One big task off my plate!  I've been doing a little bit of sewing to celebrate.  I feel like I've been writing a lot of non-sewing related posts lately, is that okay with all of you?  Do you like a little variety?  Sewing pictures will come soon, I promise :)


  1. such rich beautiful colors!

    I like 'em.

  2. Those invites are just gorgeous!

    I'm enjoying the variety.

  3. You lined 75 envelopes? Holy moley! They look great, but tons of work! I hope the bride appreciates all you are doing ;)

  4. Those look so professional! I never would have guessed they were from Target :) Adding the liner and switching up the envelopes with each invitation made them so fancy! Nice job :)

    I'm with you though- 75 invitees for a shower? I wouldn't want to be that bride and have to write all those thank you notes afterwards!


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