7 my husband makes stuff too.


Except his stuff usually involves power tools.  Check out the chalkboard he made for the The White House!
We wanted a fancy chalkboard to post the specials on for the week, and couldn't find anything we liked.  So we headed to Home Depot and bought a piece of plywood, some decorative trim, chalkboard paint and brushed gold spray paint.  Then he did some of his garage magic and out popped the perfect chalkboard.
I must say, I enjoy having a husband who can build things.  He has made me a ton of picture frames, designed and built our patio set, and built me a custom cutting table which my back thanks him for daily.  Maybe at some point I'll post pictures of those things too.  They're pretty fantastic.

We're off to Michigan again this weekend, lots of things to do before the restaurant opens on Tuesday!  Only 3 days to go.  Hanging this chalkboard is just one of about a million tasks on our list.  I've been knee deep in designing the menu this week, but it will be off to the printer tomorrow thank goodness.  It will feel great to get it out of my hands.  TGIF!!


  1. The menu looks great!! I wish your hubby could teach mine a thing or two. My back would be grateful!

  2. it is so great to have a handy husband!!! mine makes stuff for me all of the time.

  3. nice work bijou hubs.

    (and can I say -- those specials sound delicious!)

  4. fantastic!!!

    can you ask him how he got the chalkboard finish so nice and smooth?
    my hubby is working on making me something similar but the foam brushes and roller he's using keeps leaving an odd finish ...
    yay for handy husbands!!!

  5. Cute chalkboard, but now I am hungry!! ;)

  6. Love the sign. I always think it's great when my husband "crafts."

  7. Oh, hey, funny! I am actually from the Iron Mountain area- I saw your restaurant when I was home last weekend. (It's funny because I found your blog from Freckled Whimsy, which is obviously a quilting blog, and then I was all like, "What? What link did I click on?" So you know, funny like that, not ha-ha funny.)

    I love your take on quilting- very fresh! It's cool to see someone else from the U.P. (sort of) who isn't only into the Thimbleberries/Northwoods style quilting.


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