13 The White House.


I spent the weekend in the UP, first at a wedding in Copper Harbor (aka really far north...google it).  Then we drove to Iron Mountain for the first of many gatherings at our family's restaurant.  After spending the day hanging artwork, we enjoyed delicious food and a wonderful time celebrating the fact that it's almost finished.  Only a couple more weeks until it opens!  I thought I'd share a few pictures here since it's one of the things I've been working on the most in the past 10 months or so.
This is the dining room.  My mom and I chose all of the paint colors.  My dad thought I was crazy at first, but I kind of love them together in this space.  We were going for a blend of modern and traditional meet presidential.
Featuring some fabulous original artwork from Samantha Biallas.  We still have to add a piece of art to the mantle and attach the brass eagle to the brick on the fireplace.  We also have the curtains left to hang.

Now entering the bar, with a view of the JFK caricature we gave to my parents at our wedding rehearsal (painted by my cousin, Brock Rumohr).
Not to worry, the liquor shelves will be stocked soon enough!

Then onto the deck.  Perfect to enjoy the live music on a summer night.

The view from the street.
A closeup of the sign we designed. I love it!
Hopefully in a couple weeks this place will be packed.  But there are a lot of little things we have to finish first!


  1. Wow! Super exciting!!! I wish I could come visit! Love the deck... makes me want to sit outside and laze with a pitcher. :)

  2. looks so great Holly! So much work, but I'd definitely love to visit this place. :)

  3. So, I spent the weekend in the UP too. We're from Ann Arbor, MI, but visited friends in Marquette. Wasn't it a wonderful Michigan weekend? The place looks great. Can't say that I've got plans to go to Iron Mountain, but I'll keep this in mind. The start looks great.

  4. Brad and I were hoping The White House would be open this week so that we could go there for his birthday! We're both so excited to try it out! Tell your dad to keep us posted :) I'm glad that you posted pics of the inside, though, because I've been SO curious! It looks great!!

  5. That's so exciting! Your design looks lovely. I need to teleport to Michigan when it opens, it looks like such a fun place.

  6. Why doesn't California have really cool home grown "real" places like this? I'm so jealous, I would totally love to hang there one evening :) We have a ton of trendy+expensive=not very good places. There's something so warm and inviting about places when you know the people behind it.

    Good Luck to your family! I bet they are going to busy once those doors open :)

  7. Such a fun project. It's turning out so well. Best wishes for a huge turn out.

  8. It looks awesome. I would definitely eat there!

  9. Wow, you weren't kidding - that IS far north!!!

    Love the restaurant!

  10. Wow, this is so exciting!!! I hope you have a huge turnout! Love the sign, the art, the colors, everything! Look forward to hearing more about how this progresses. I would love to have a restaurant, although I know nothing about running one. I just love food. And how fantastic it is that your family has a business doing something as great as cooking and really making the restaurant their own, how they want it. Best wishes to you and your family!!!

  11. It looks amazing!! That is so exciting. I can't wait to hear more about how it all goes.

  12. The restaurant is really looking great. I'm excited for y'all that it opens soon.

  13. The restaurant is lovely. The colors you've chosen are great and love the artwork. That deck is awesome!

    Many, many years ago, my family vacationed in Copper Harbor. It's so beautiful up there. We even visited the Delaware Copper Mine - really cool place.

    Barb in TX


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