5 TGIF...sort of.


I'm kind of afraid to go back to the UP this weekend.  The business is doing well so far.  Almost too well.  As in, not enough fridges to store the amount of food that is being served in one day without running out.  Sending me pictures at 5am of the ribs they are currently putting in the smoker so they don't run out (and not having left from the night before yet).  My parents haven't really had time to sleep or eat all week.  They need to hire more people but don't have enough time to actually figure out who to hire.  I've been a nervous wreck all week because I can't be there to help them.  It's kind of stressful!  I'm a slightly isolated from it while I'm here...but as soon as I get home I know I won't have time to sit down for 2 minutes all weekend.  Hopefully I'll feel better just being able to help a little bit!  I know it will get a bit more manageable for them after the "honeymoon" period is over... you know, when people aren't going there for lunch and dinner on the same day!  I am so grateful that they've been having such a good turnout so far, it's just a lot to handle during the first week.

In other news, I've been doing a little sewing this week even though I'm not really in the mood.  I'm making a quilt to donate to a silent auction at work that will benefit the American Heart Association (p.s. want to donate?  you can do it here!), and I need to finish it next week.  That means I had to make some progress on it before we leave today.
I'm making a lattice quilt like this one from Film in the Fridge.  Maybe someday soon I'll actually come up with my own ideas for quilt designs, but to be honest I just haven't had time lately.  So thanks Ashley for being my main source of inspiration!  I still have to trim these blocks before I can sew them together, but that's going to have to wait.  I also need to figure out what I'm doing with the back because my Kona Ash is in short supply and I don't think I have solids in any colors that match the prints (fabric is Arcadia).  I'm open to any ideas you might have!

Next week I'll have some pictures of the bridal shower I'm throwing for my cousin this weekend to share.  Did I mention that's being held at The White House this weekend too?  Because obviously there isn't enough going on there already, what's another 50 shower guests added to the mix?  I'll let you know how everything goes, assuming I live to tell the tale.  Happy weekend!


  1. And I thought I was busy! Phew, I'm exhausted for you already :) I hope one of these weekends you can stay home and put your feet up and not do anything if you don't want to!

    I'm so happy for your parents, I bet they are on cloud 9 with how busy they have been. I hope they get a little break or at least a good nights sleep soon :)

  2. i love the arcadia with the light grey!! good choice! {and congrats on the restaurant doing well!}

  3. Your parents must be exahusted, but thrilled! I hope this means that they'll have very loyal customers! Good luck getting everything done this weekend, and I can't wait to see the bridal shower photos!

  4. seeing that menu, it doesn't surprise me they're doing so well!

    Good luck lady! I hope your parents get a break soon!

  5. So glad to hear the business is off to a flying start!! :)


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