7 a year older.


Monday was my 27th birthday.  It was a low key day, spent working and organizing my office/sewing room.  My husband bought me some new shelves and a bench for fabric storage, so I had fun filling them up with all of my favorite fabrics.

I also got an antique storage cabinet to hold some odds and ends.

My curtains for the kitchen arrived in the mail that day too!
We had dinner at The White House with family, which was delicious as always (the smoked chicken sandwich is my personal favorite) and my sister came over after just getting back from college to chat over a glass of wine.  Overall it was a pretty great day!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I LOVE the color on the walls in your sewing room :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Well, happy birthday! It sounds like it was perfect. I love the glimpse of the antique cabinet. Very pretty!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your sewing room/office is really coming together!

  4. Happy belated Birthday :) We share birthdays! Although I turned 28... and you're shelves look wonderful!! :)

  5. I have similar shelves in my sewing room and love them! Happy Birthday!


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