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Well our little cousin Abram is doing much better!  He even got to come home from the hospital this week.  Of course, he is without a kidney and has a long road ahead of him with chemo starting soon, but at least the surgery is behind him and the tumor that was taking up half of his abdomen has been removed!  I finished his space quilt so he'd have something to snuggle with during his recovery.
I made this one completely from my stash.  Since I started making it on a whim at about 10pm one night last week, it was nice to have all the fabric I needed without having to buy anything!  Have I mentioned there are ZERO fabric stores around here?  Literally, zero (unless you count Walmart, which I don't).
The quilting isn't groundbreaking, just the usual straight lines.  I wanted it to feel cuddly and soft so I backed it in flannel and didn't quilt it very heavily.
I hope this quilt helps little Abram feel better!  Thank you to those of you who said a prayer for him.


  1. Abram is going to love this quilt, Sending best healing wishes his way. It's great that you were able to use your stash to make this.

  2. I can't believe you could make a complete quilt from your stash! Clearly this justifies me increasing my fabric stash, right? I have to be able to make a [matching] quilt on a whim! ;) I'm glad to hear your cousin is feeling better, and I LOVE the colors of his quilt!

  3. So glad to hear your cousin is recovering in the comforts of his own home now with his quilt. Love that you backed it in flannel- just the thing to cuddle up with when you're not feeling well :)

    I'm super impressed as well that this came entirely from your stash.

  4. Sending Abram lots of healing love. The quilt is lovely.

  5. Hey Holl, I think you found your next adventure then... Opening up a fabric store???


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