8 spacey stripes.


This one needs to come together quickly for a little boy who loves Star Wars!
Our little cousin Abram has to get a cancerous tumor that has wrapped around his kidney removed tomorrow (and sadly the kidney is coming out too) so I figure the least I can do is send him something to snuggle with while in the hospital.  4 year olds should not have to deal with cancer!  Please keep Abram and his family in your prayers.


  1. Aww so sorry to hear about little Abram and I hope he has a speedy recovery! I know the quilt will be a great source of comfort! xo

  2. Sorry to hear about Abram, hopefully all goes great tomorrow!

    BTW, I think I need you to pick out my fabrics for my projects, I love all of the combination's you put together!

  3. A special blankie from his auntie will be a big help. So sorry this is happening in your family. Cancer is horrible. My dad's been fighting it, and now my daughter's best friend.

  4. So sorry to hear about your cousin, it's just not fair for children to get sick like this. I'm sure he will love the quilt :) What a great aunt he has. May I offer a suggestion? He might like a soft flannel or minky type fabric on the back- it makes blankets so cozy warm and snuggly. Perfect for cuddling under when you don't feel well.

  5. I'm praying for that sweet boy even now.

    Love and prayers in every stitch Holly.

  6. The pattern is charming. And the story is gripping. I certainly hope Abram is recovering nicely, and is showered with love.


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