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A few random thoughts on this Wednesday afternoon...
  • Sometimes it's fun to just sew things together without any sort of plan.  I'm not sure where I'm headed with this one but it's a good way to use up scraps. 
  • I started on my circle quilt last night, the colors in this one make me so happy!

  • My sister bought me a little notebook for Christmas to sketch my ideas in.  Usually I am too afraid to write in my notebooks for fear of making a mistake (yes I am aware of how ridiculous that makes me sound) but this time I actually started writing in it...in ink!  That's progress for me.  Nevermind the fact that I wrote it out on scrap paper first.  The best part about my little black book...it's graph paper!  Brings me back to my college days, and it's perfect for sketching quilt designs.

  • I've been thinking of joining a bee or swap this year...does anyone have one to recommend?  I've never joined one, but I think it would be a good way to improve my skills and make new blog friends.  
  • Is anyone that reads this blog from the UP/Northern WI area and interested in sewing/quilting?  There have got to be a few of you I hope!


  1. I completely abandon notebooks or rip pages out if my writing or drawing is not pretty enough. (You're not alone :D ) Also, I have that pen in blue and it is my FAVORITE!

  2. I wish I lived by you...I got a sewing machine for Christmas and would love to learn how to use it! Time to hit the fabric store I guess!

  3. I love the graph paper notebook. My local quilt shop gives me a pad of paper with every purchase, but they are small and not graph paper, I use them for quilt ideas, lists, etc. I bought myself some graph paper recently and love it, but I keep loosing the sheets. Any idea where the graph paper notebook came from?

    I'm in Iowa and new to blogging. I'd love to do a bee or swap. My resolution for this year to push myself technically, try new patterns and techniques. Totally coincidence that we both have bijou(x) in our titles.

  4. cool design.

    As far as joining a swap -- "Make Mine Modern" has a lot of my friends in it and is taking sign-ups for a few more days (I'll sit this round out) -- but it's a great swap!

    Here's a link.


    You can tell Amy that I sent you. :)

  5. I'm new to blogging also. I'm in Michigan and wish I lived closer also. I'd love to do a swap of some sort.

    Last winter I did a quilt along. My first quilt ever. It was fun. Good luck.


  6. I LOVE my moleskin graph paper notebooks. So much better than ruled :)
    I also get really nervous to start writing in them, you are not alone :)

  7. Eva Marie-
    I'm not exactly sure where to find the notebooks, I think she got it from our local bookstore! I'm sure you could find a similar one at Target or Barnes & Noble.

  8. holly, i'm the admin for a quilting bee & we've had some members bow out of round three. it's been a great group & we'd love to have you!

    check us out!



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