11 thrifting finds.


I did a little thrifting at lunch today and came home with a few crafty finds!  A small Olfa cutting mat, a quilting ruler, an embroidery hoop, and a kit to make your own buttons.  Also some fun graphic vintage fabric and two silk scarves.  I love collecting Vera scarves, they're like little works of art!
I already put the button kit to use, covering them with some Alexander Henry Heath fabric and adding a magnet to the back.  They look so cute on my bulletin board!
 I have the hardest time throwing fabric scraps away.  Am I the only one who feels guilty throwing even the smallest scraps away?  These are really tiny!
I've been having dreams about thrifting lately so I had to get my fix.  Not bad for $2.33!


  1. With my best Napoleon voice: "Lucky!"

  2. I'm HORRIBLE that way. I keep all my tiny scraps.

    Where did you go thrifting? Have you ever been to the Norway St. Vinneys? I have found some good vintage sheets there in the past.

  3. Wow, you did well! I haven't been thrifting for ages, but there are few things more satisfying, are there?

    And I consider it logical to keep any fabric scrap bigger than 1.5" square (I have ambitions of a postage stamp quilt one day...

  4. I throw away scraps because after years, I admit to myself that I'm not going to use them and I don't want to deal with them. I do hate throwing them away but I don't know how to go about recycling them.

    I'm jealous! I don't know where to even find sewing supplies in my local thrift store, but I really want a ruler for quilting.

  5. Those are some seriously good finds! And don't worry, I have a whole stash of the tiniest bits of fabric that I just don't have the heart to toss as well. There has to be some good use for them, right??!!

  6. I too feel guilty throwing away scraps. So instead I put them all into a drawer. And when the drawer gets too full to close, I throw it all away. I guess I don't feel as guilty that way, LOL!

    Vera scarves are all the rage right now. I keep seeing posts about them all over blogland. Do you wear them or just save them to look at and admire?

  7. such great findings.
    how did you glue the magnet to the back of the button? did you take out the small part behind the button?

  8. Hey, I have an idea for your small scraps girl! I'm not sure exactly how small of scraps you have been saving, but what about making small quilts, like for an American Girl sized doll ( I think they are 18"). You could always sell them on your etsy store if you didn't have someone to make them for :) Just an idea I had while reading this. I know it's hard to throw away good fabric!

  9. I know a lady that sits at night with her rotary cutter and mat on a table while she watches TV and she chops up those tiny scraps into tiny shreds..Uses them to stuff pin cushions and pillows. She waste NOTHING!
    Great blog and love your fainting couch.


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