6 bundled up: neon.


I thought it might be fun to start a new series where I put together a bundle of fabrics to share with you!  I like to put together fabric combinations even if I may not have a specific project in mind for them.  This latest bundle came to me one day while I was picking fabrics for my Single Girl blocks.
It looks kind of neon doesn't it?  It reminds me when I was a kid, sitting in my bedroom surrounded by piles of neon Hot Loops!  Does anyone else remember those?

Anyway, back to the bundle.  Let's see which fabrics are included here.
 That's a lot of different fabrics!  Here they are again all together.
What would you make from this bundle?  I'm thinking a simple patchwork quilt or duvet cover for a teenage girl would be perfect!  I just happen to have a sister that fits in that category, I wonder if she could use a new blanket for her bed...


  1. Awesome bundle, I think a really awesome patchwork boho bag or messenger bag would be fun with these fabrics!

  2. great bundle! I had totally forgotten about hot loops until now...I had millions of those and made every possible variety of accessory with them!

  3. I love the bundle, too! It's such fun to play around with different fabric combinations! I also see a simple quilt, maybe one only using squares or rectangles?

  4. Lovely! I'm usually concerned I'll put fabrics together that don't go well, and I just can't see it -- I always love the combos you use!

  5. Love this! Thanks for the info! I always have to buy fabric online and sometimes it is so hard to know what it will actually look like in person! This is super helpful!

  6. ohwee - just lovely! I want all of them, please!


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