3 happy birthday husband.


10 things I love about you:
10. You are really talented with power tools.
9.  You make delicious chicken noodle soup.
8.  You always drive and let me sleep when we go on road trips.
7.  You've been my best friend since 11th grade.
6.  You actually enjoy cutting the grass and shoveling.
5.  You love kids.
4.  You are very thoughtful and sweet.
3.  You get excited about the things I make.
2.  You are a wonderful husband.
1.  When I ask you what kind of cake you want for your birthday, you ask for dirt dessert instead.  
Happy 28th birthday Adam! xoxo


  1. Hey, #7 is true for me and my husband too. and a couple of the others on the list I guess :) Have fun celebrating!

  2. Love it! You guys are just too cute!!!! Oh, and happy, happy, birthday to my sweet cousin Adam!

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband. And yum!


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