8 a wedding album. finally!


It took a year and a half to want to look at our wedding pictures long enough to make an album, but it's finally finished.
All wedding photos by Deborah Cull Photography.

The album was printed through Blurb.  I'm not completely impressed with the print quality, but it was reasonably priced at 160 pages, and gives us a way to look at a ton of our wedding pictures all in one place.  I am very happy to be finished with this project!


  1. Such a lovely day! Congratulations on having a special keepsake. You look amazing in those photos.

  2. I still have that on my to-do list.
    Actually we never even got our photos printed from the photographer that were included in our package.
    Label me a slacker.

  3. I also have this on my to do list still. Yours looks great though

  4. You beat me to it as well! I have one somewhat assembled on Kodak, but just haven't ordered it yet. We just got two pictures printed on canvas towards the begining of the year, so maybe by next year I'll have the album done!

    Yours looks great!

  5. Goodness your pictures are lovely! I got married 10 years ago (eeeeek!) and blurb wasn't on my radar then. I think your book is 100% more lovely and useful than the old-fashioned albums. Maybe someday I'll redo ours...

    BTW, I found your blog today. So nice to meet you!

  6. So pretty! Your pictures are all absolutely lovely!

  7. Wow! So beautiful! What a lovely way to remember your wedding day.

  8. This is so beautiful. What a gorgeous wedding!

    I've been married 6 years and still haven't done this. I was not very happy with the photos, I guess that is why:(


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