2 giveaway winners.


I am kind of sad that I'm not at home this week (I'm gone again for work) because my sister just sent me a package that would have made the perfect picture for this post.  She wrapped the "gift" and added at least five layers of tape around the entire thing, and then wrote on the package that it was very important and extremely fragile and to be extremely careful when opening it.  After spending 10 minutes carefully cutting it open with scissors, I get inside to find this ridiculous cheap dollar store trophy that says "WINNER" on it.  She's so nice to me.

Anyway, thank you all so much for your sweet comments on the giveaway post!  I gained over 150 new followers, so welcome to all of you and I hope you'll stick around!!  There were 797 valid comments on the giveaway (I had to remove the last 3 because they were a day too late in entering, I'm sorry!).

Now for the winners... the winner of the pillow cover is comment #20, Oso, and the winner of the charm pack is comment #755, lulafortune.  Blogger isn't letting me upload the random number generator screen shots, but I'll try to do that again later.  Congratulations to both of the winners and thank you all again for entering!


  1. Thank you so, so very much! I was having kind of a downer of a week, and this has just scooped me out of my doldrums! It's such a beautiful charm pack - thank you again for such a generous giveaway!

  2. Congrats to the winners! =)


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