16 pretty little pouch, part 2.


I made an extra pouch for my Pretty {little} Pouch Swap partner last night.  I had rainbows on the brain after seeing all of the awesome blocks that Rachel got back for her do.Good Stitches quilt.
I basically just cut 8 wonky strips, sewed them together in two sets of four, cut them in half again along the width and sewed them together a second time.  After I finished and trimmed the block, I thought it still needed a little pop so I added a red border (which is very uncharacteristic of me...I never use red!).  I used the gray Heath to bring it up to size and as the back of the pouch to calm down the bright block a little.  I quilted it in white along the width of the pouch and around the red border.
 I used the orange Painter's Canvas by Laura Gunn for the lining, and after auditioning a few different colored zippers, chose a lime green one that matches the green fabric in the block.
 Now I just need to add in a few surprises and ship my package of this weekend!
p.s.  Here's a link to the other pouch I made, in case you missed it!


  1. awww so cute! i'm totally obsessed with the painter's canvas. i think i need to order them all!

  2. wow! so stinkin' cute!! Your partner gets this AND the pouch? GAH! Lucky girl!
    I linked over to flickr--what a talented bunch!!

  3. Ack, no fair - I want this one! Ok, since I haven't received my pouch yet, I'm going to pretend that this is probably for me.

  4. This is darling! I love the colors and texture.

  5. SO gorgeous!!! Love this one :) What a lucky recipient!

  6. It's wonderful! I have to find some of that painters canvas!

  7. That is such a cute little pouch! I love it!

  8. I love the free-from, scrappy piecing in this pouch. It really reminds me of this block tutorial: http://www.favequilts.com/Block-Patterns/Wonky-Square

    Have you seen it and did you draw any inspiration from it?

  9. I LOVE IT! So pretty :)

  10. This may just be the cutest pouch ever!

  11. Zip-up pouch - check
    Rioutous wonky block frontage - check
    Lime green zip - check
    Stunning coloured lining - check

    What is not to love?

    Your use of colour is brilliant so am off to look through the rest of your pictures.


  12. Love zipper pouches...The RED definitely makes it POP! This is one of my favorite.

  13. This IS soooooo sewwwwww....cuteeee! ty, for sharing!


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