6 pillowcase dress.


I took my first steps into sewing clothing last night.  I'm not sure if it actually even counts to be honest, I just made a pillowcase dress for my niece Aliyah.  It was so easy to make, I think it took less than 2 hours from start to finish!
The pillowcase was made by her great grandmother.  I still have the second pillowcase in the set in case we have a little girl of our own one day.
I used an aqua satin ribbon for the strap, but it would be really easy to swap it out for another color if she wants to.  The ribbon is excessively long right now, but I'll trim it once she tries it on.  I didn't want to cut it too short!
I used a combination of this tutorial (for using a ribbon strap rather than elastic in the casing) and this tutorial for the sizing.  Both tutorials were wonderful.
I'm really excited to give this to Ali while she's visiting next weekend!  


  1. Oh so cunnin' ! A lovely gift to give. Priceless.

  2. lovely, Holly... I'm sure she will adore it.

  3. That's gorgeous. Wow, I would be almost afraid to let my daughter where something so special. But, beauty is made to be enjoyed! I've never made a pillowcase dress. Now I'll know which tutorials to use. I love the effect of the ribbons.

  4. Definitely counts as making clothing! How lovely to use an heirloom family pillowcase - it turned out great!

  5. This is so cute and sentimental!

    BTW, you might want to check my blog (Nifty Foodie) before this afternoon. Hint hint... :-)


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