5 june blocks.


Did you all have a nice 4th of July?  It was such a beautiful weekend here!  We spent it with friends and family, on the lake and in the pool.  It was so nice to have a few days off!  I found some time this weekend to put together my blocks for our do.Good Stitches quilt for June, a little late since I have been out of town so much this month for work.  Becky asked for 12" pieced right triangles in whatever colors we wanted.  I took the opportunity to go through my overflowing scrap bin to make these.
Are you sick of seeing things made in these fabrics yet?  I feel like I've been using them for everything lately.  I haven't bought any new fabric since the beginning of April, which is probably a record for me.  I do have a stack of Habitat waiting for me though, and I don't want to buy anything new until I use some of it!
Anyway, back to the blocks.  They were really fast and fun to make.  I picked some scraps that I thought would look good together, and just started sewing strips together with varying widths.  Then I just squared up the block and cut it in half diagonally.  Super simple.
This quilt is going to look so cool when it's all sewn together!  I kind of want to make one of my own.
Did you notice some evidence of a possible design wall in these pictures?  More on that later this week, once it's actually hung on the wall!


  1. I'm not tired of the fabrics, and I love the blocks!

  2. What a fun way to make blocks--thanks for the inspiration!

  3. OOoh I love those blocks! Awesome!

  4. I love the simplicity and creativity of this quilt! Have to add that one to my list of quilts I want to make. I really need to live to be 120!


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