2 white house visitors.


I haven't wrote any posts about The White House in a long time.  Business is good, and it's really starting to pick up this summer.  We've had a few special visitors in the past couple months, so I thought I'd share some pictures with you!

In March, my parents hosted a meet and greet with Michigan's U.S. Senator Carl Levin.  I was out of town for that event, but here are few pictures from the Dickinson County Democratic Party.

This past week, we hosted another meet and greet, this time for Michigan's First District U.S. State Rep Dan Benishek.

It's been kind of fun hosting these types of political events!  I know my parents really enjoy it, especially my dad.  It's kind of fitting for a Tavern & Grill called "The White House", don't you think?  Now if we could just get President Obama to visit...


  1. we have a restaurant in Anaheim, CA called The White House, too!

  2. It looks like it was quite a wonderful time! Rita


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