15 improv mini.


I'm in the process of making a mini quilt out of my improv block from Sewing Summit.  I was going to use my go-to natural linen for the background, but it didn't look quite right.  I auditioned about ten other fabrics before ultimately deciding that this thrifted purple stripe was perfect for the job.
This block is a little loud for me, but I'm going to embrace it rather than trying to calm it down.  I'm thinking it will be just the pop of color I need against the gray walls in my sewing room!


  1. I actually love this. I think the white border calms down the loud and makes this look awesome.

  2. What a cool thrifted fabric. It's looking good, Hollie. Um, I stuffed mine in a drawer...

  3. Too loud? No way, it's great, I love it! And that purple striped background fabric is stunning with it!

  4. I really like that as the background fabric! :)

  5. I do like the idea that you auditioned the fabrics to see which one was right - auditioning fabrics is a cool way to think about fabric choices...thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I don't think this is too loud, and I do think it will look amazing against your gray walls!

  7. Oooh...I really like this! Koodos for stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. :)

  8. This looks great, Holly! Thanks for the reminder to just go with it sometimes. I think that purple is the perfect backdrop for your block!

  9. I love the cheerful colours, too and the stripy background really is a perfect match! Also, the purple goes with your blog template! ;-) :-)

  10. wow! that looks fantastic! I sooo would have gone more neutral but the purple stripe is awesome! I think I should step out of my comfort zone too and try something like this--thanks for the push.

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