4 halloween fun.


Did you all have a fun Halloween?  We usually don't get into this holiday very much, but this year we had a Halloween/birthday party to go to for one of our friends (Happy Birthday Kate!).  My friend Jackie and I made a cute Halloween cake for the birthday girl (inspired by this one).
Several of the food ideas for the party came from Pinterest, including this slightly gross presentation for the guacamole.  Also served were homemade pretzels with jalepeno cheese dip, pumpkin pie dip with apples and graham crackers, and monster pudding shots.  The food was all delicious!
My husband and I came up with a bunch of ideas for costumes, but none of them would stick.  Finally we just decided to walk around the stores until we figured something out.  We ended up being Papa Smurf and Smurfette.  Of course they didn't offer a Smurfette mask online like they did for the rest of the Smurfs, which meant I had to paint my face blue.  Thankfully it came off pretty easily after the party!
On Monday I invited some family over for chili and to pass out candy at our house.

My nephews came over after they were done trick or treating and looked so cute all dressed up.

 It was a great weekend, definitely the best Halloween I've had in a long time.  Hope yours was great too!


  1. Your costume is awesome! Way to go all out with the blue. ;)

    My daughter was a monkey too...same costume as your nephew since he is obsessed with Curious George. We went camping that weekend and she wore it the whole time. ha ha!

  2. Super cute!!! What an awesome Halloween!

  3. what a cute blue face you have. that guacamole is hilarious. i saw that floating around pinterest.


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