11 packing.


I'm busy packing up for the Sewing Summit today.  I leave for Salt Lake City in the morning!

I've got my business cards ready to be passed out to friends.
Designed by one of my favorite people, Chelsey of Fourth and Folded.
Also going in the suitcase, some charms for the Color Wheel Charm Swap,
fat quarters for our big FQ swap on Saturday night,
and some scraps for my Improv Quilting class with Jess.
Now if only I could decide what to wear...I'd be ready!


  1. Oh, I wish I could go! I'm only 200 miles away from SLC. Oh well. I can't wait to hear all the fun you have. :)

  2. I'm seriously loving your business cards! I'll trade you for one of my Moo cards! I need to pull my scraps for the patchwork class, and I think I'll do one more pull for the FQ swap! I'm planning to dress pretty comfy, but I do have a new sweater to wear!

  3. love the business cards!! It's going to be chilly/rainy here in SLC this weekend...so dress warm! Should clear up by Sat/Sun...hopefully!
    I didn't realize the sewing summit was here..apparently i live under a rock! If you have any questions about SLC let me know...happy to help :)

  4. awesome! looks like you're pretty much all set, what could be more fun!?! love your biz cards.

  5. Oh I do love your business cards! I'm going to be there as well. Maybe we'll have some classes together :-)

  6. Gah, I want your fat quarters! Crossing fingers now.

  7. I'm so jealous! Have lots of fun!!

  8. Have a wonderful time!! Too bad we just missed each other at the airport, but hope I get to meet you soon! :)

  9. oh, I wish we would have met at The Sewing Summit!


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