9 Sewing Summit 2011.


I'm back from the Sewing Summit!  It was an amazing, overwhelming, and exciting experience and I am very glad that I went.  I am glad to be back home now though too, it was an exhausting weekend!  There was so much going on and so many people to meet, I never really got a second to breathe and take it all in.
I arrived in SLC Thursday evening and met my roommates, Rachel and Amanda.  I was a little afraid that it would be awkward sharing a room with two girls I hardly knew, but it was actually one of the highlights of the whole trip for me.  They are both super sweet and I hope we get the chance to see each other again soon!
Friday morning was the Shop Hop, in which 50 fabric-obsessed ladies chartered a bus around the city to three fantastic fabric stores (Pine Needles, Quilt Etc., and The Material Girls Quilts).

It was so much fun and a great way to meet people!  My roommates and I walked away with quite the collection of goods.

We had a late lunch at the Blue Lemon with some of our new friends, and headed down to the Meet & Greet.  I'm somewhat shy and not the best at meeting and greeting, so I found it to be a little intimidating, but I did get to chat with a lot of wonderful people there!  I had dinner with a small group of girls at the Red Rock Brewery, and then we headed back to the hotel for the do.Good Stitches meeting (where Rachel taught me how to crochet) and to drop off my charms for the Color Wheel Charm Swap.

I started off Saturday in Jess' Improv Piecing class.
I'm not the best at improv but I do enjoy it, and had fun stitching up this block.  I also learned how to do curved improv piecing which I want to try out very soon!
From here on out is where I'm lacking in the picture department.  I couldn't get a signal on my phone to upload to Instagram, and I just didn't feel like pulling my camera out much.  My second class of the day was Vanessa's photography class, and then I went to Jeni's fabric selection class after lunch.  We all got Kona color cards which I was very excited about!  I can't seem to find my old one anywhere.

My last class of the day was Getting the Perfect Vintage Fit with Gretchen, which I loved!  I'm not much of a garment sewer but I learned so much in her class, I want to make a dress now.

Saturday night I had a lot of fun hanging out by the fireplace in the lobby, chatting with some of my favorite bloggers and working on my Daisychain ABC sampler.  We stayed up way too late, as evidenced by this picture that Erin took of us.  What am I doing in this picture? I have no idea!  We were supposed to make a funny face, but it just looks like I'm sleeping.
On Sunday I took an Aspiring Authors class, which was very informative, and finished the day with Dana's blogging class.  Then it was time to say goodbye to everyone!  How sad.

Overall I think the conference was a great experience for me.  It got me a little out of my comfort zone in terms of meeting new people, I learned a lot, had lots of fun, and left feeling inspired!  Thank you Erin and Amy for putting on such a wonderful event!


  1. Yay! so excited to have met you! Can't wait for next year!

  2. Thank you so much for the invite to dinner on Friday night! It was such a pleasure meeting you in person!!! :)

  3. Hey Holly, I looked around for you at the Summit but it seems like we might not have been in any of the same places at the same time. Anyway, I'm terrible at being outgoing but I was hoping to meet you since I love your blog so much. I'm glad you had a great time :-)

  4. Also, did you get your From Little Things Orange stripe at Material Girls? I was just getting ready to order some but I would rather make a run to the store and buy some (I live in UT :-)

  5. Looks like amazing fun! Wow, look at that loot. =) Glad you had a wonderful time...the general consensus! =)

  6. Holly - I so enjoyed meeting you! I wish we'd had the chance to hang out more - there was so much to do and cram into those days! Look forward to seeing what you make with your fabric purchases from the shophop!

  7. Great recap, Holly. I'm curious about the blogging class and the garment fitting class. If you make a dress, I'll just absolutely have too (so, maybe put that off? LOL). Just kiddin.

  8. I love it when you meet people and you feel like you have always known them! That was my experience with you and Rachel -- it was so much fun!

  9. It's so funny how we are all so much more outgoing in our online existence than in our real lives, isn't it? I never would have guessed you'd consider yourself shy just from reading your blog! I would have been so uncomfortable at TSS but so, so wis I had been there. Maybe next year! I'd love to meet you!


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