13 guest room reveal.


The guest room is finished!  Okay, nothing is ever completely finished, but it's close.
My husband and I were so busy during the week leading up to Thanksgiving redecorating our guest room. We had family staying with us from Wednesday through Sunday, and we didn't start on this room until the Friday before that.  Which gave us five days, only two of which were weekend days.  Here's what it looked like before we started (minus all the boxes, this picture is from when we moved in.  Not much had changed since then).
It's amazing what a little paint can do!  The color is Behr Cloudberry.  There was also lots of wallpaper stripping to get rid of the butterflies, along with a ton of spackle and sanding.  The walls were a mess!  It looked like it had snowed in this room after we finished filling the holes in the walls and sanding them smooth.
The bed in this room is from Adam's grandmother.  We had painted the frame white with a pearl finish in our previous apartment, but it looks great in here.  Eventually we'll be swapping out this full size bed for a queen, and we'll need to find a new white bed then.  I love the way it pops against the wall color!
The blue quilt is also from our old apartment, along with the blue pillows.  I added in the orange and purple pillows to brighten up the room a bit.
The artwork above the bed is really what makes the room I think.  I found it at World Market when I was in Appleton shopping for all the accessories for the room the Sunday before Thanksgiving (yes, I have to drive 2 hours to go shopping in a real mall!).  It was actually the last thing I found for the room, so the fact that it went with everything in the room and tied in the orange from the pillows was really lucky!  
 We added a chair from the living room in our apartment in the corner to make a little reading nook.  All I need now is a little table or ottoman to set in the corner near the window as a second nightstand/reading nook table to set a few books on.  I also need to add some art in the corner above the chair.
The pillow on the chair is from HomeGoods, I love the graphic print on it!  I threw a chenille throw on the chair to make it looked more lived in.

The bookcase is also from our old apartment, and even though it doesn't match the walnut wood of the nightstand and trim, I think it works here.  I love the way the purple curtains frame it within the space!
I styled it with some books, vases, and some extra blankets from around the house. I had found the tree picture on top at a thrift store, and painted the purple around the frame and for the flower petals (they were previously the bronze color of the branches).  I also painted the frame silver to freshen it up a bit.  The only other thing I bought for the room was the silver coral, which is really beautiful in person and gives the shelves the metallic pop that they needed.
This is my favorite vignette in the bookcase.  Who knew all of my sewing books would be the perfect colors for this room?  I love that little West Elm mercury glass vase too!
We used a side table I had found at the Restore as a nightstand in the room, topped with a white lamp I found at HomeGoods and a blue tray from West Elm.  The flower diffuser and flower plate are also from West Elm, and the clock is from Ikea a few years ago.  The milkglass vase was thrifted.
 We added a new chandelier in the room as well to dress up the ceiling a bit.
Here's the whole room one last time!  I think we'll be staining the storage bench the same walnut color as the nightstand eventually and adding in a long dresser on the left wall with a mirror above it, but we're happy with how it looks for now!


  1. WHOA! I want to stay here! The wall color and art are especially perfect. Amazing before and after!

  2. Amazing, rich color Holly. It looks idyllic. Well done.

  3. you are right, the picture makes the room! i need to get in gear for my holiday guests...

  4. that is such an amazing before and after! it is beautiful holly! can i come visit? ;)

  5. Wow it looks so good! I love the pops of orange and you did it in such a short amount of time.

  6. WOW! Seriously, it looks amazing! :)

  7. I just don't understand why you didn't want to keep that butterfly wallpaper.

    Kidding aside, it is gorgeous. It looks like a b&b!

  8. Holly, you have such impeccable style! The painting is my favorite part, but that coral would probably win me over in person. Wow, I want to come visit! Really.

  9. Yep, add me to the list of future guests! This room is incredible, Holly! I can't believe you pulled it together so quickly!

  10. Holly! This is incredible!! Five days?! You guys did an amazing job! What a team you guys make - I'm sure it feels so great to have the satisfaction of knowing you did this together. I"m sure your guests felt so special! I love using colorful books to decorate too - that Seams To Me has been a workhorse around the house!

  11. gorgeous!! I would love to stay in a guest room like that!


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