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I have been having some really good luck while thrifting lately.  It started a few weeks ago when I stopped at the ReStore and found this gold framed mirror, which is perfect above our mantle.  I had been searching for something similar to this for quite awhile so I was really excited to find it.
Then, last week my husband and I went to an estate sale and found some great pieces of furniture.  We came home with two desks (we're using them as console tables), a rocking chair, and my favorite, a 1910-1920 era fainting couch.

The first desk is exactly what I was looking for to put under the floating shelves in our living room.  It's got great details and a pretty shape and matches the wood in our house perfectly.
The smaller desk is currently in our foyer, and definitely came in handy while we were passing out candy on Halloween.  We'll probably paint this one since the finish isn't the greatest.
We're not sure where the rocking chair is going to go yet, but my husband fell in love with it.  The cushion needs some work so we have some time to figure out where to put it.
And then there's the fainting couch.  It's currently sitting in the middle of our living room waiting to be reupholstered.  It will most likely replace the loveseat that you can see behind it once it's finished.
The detail of the wood on this piece is amazing.  I'm on the hunt for some gorgeous fabric that will complement the dark wood, but also lighten the piece up a bit since it's so heavy looking.  Light gray velvet or some metallic linen are on the top of my list at the moment, with nailhead trim to give it a little sparkle.
I also came home from the estate sale with some smaller items, including a brass pedestal, lotus bowl and some little teapots...
Three jadite bowls and the best cookie press ever (my mom has the same one, which used to be my grandmother's), which I can't wait to test out while making Christmas cookies...
a silver pedestal bowl and gravy bowl set...
and last but not least, six blue mason jars.
Then today, I stopped at one of my usual thrift stores and found this 1940s Royal typewriter, which is in amazing condition (and still works!) for $10.
 I also couldn't resist picking up a few things for Christmas while I was there.
Hopefully my luck will continue, but I probably just jinxed myself.  Have any of you been feeling extra thrifty lately?


  1. Those are some awesome finds at your thrift stores. I wish I was so lucky in my area. Can't wait to see the fainting couch all done up.

  2. i am amazed at your finds. and i can't believe you got that typewriter for $10! i hope your lucky streak continues, it is so much fun watching what you are finding, although i am really jealous! thrift stores are NOT like that where i am!

  3. The mirror looks divine. I thought I took away the most awesome treasure, but it looks like you scored a gem. Fab over the mantle. Cheers.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! That fainting couch... I die!!! Loving the vintage stuff- that's a good area to thrift. When I lived there my sister and I had our "rounds" we would make and we would hit all the area thrift and antique stores. That is where most of my dishware/Pyrex came from. Fun, fun!

  5. Wow! You are having a lucky streak- those are some great finds. I love the idea of metallic linen with nailheads, that would be so pretty!

  6. Both my mother and I have that exact cookie press... It is not quite Christmas without it and my mother's whipped shortbread pressed with the tree shape...

    Very thrifty haul!

  7. My goodness! Are you going to reupholster that beauty yourself?

  8. gorgeous finds!! can't wait to see the fainting couch when it's done!

  9. Wow, that fainting couch is awesome. Great finds, Holly!


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