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Every now and then there seems to be a theme within the things that I'm making, wearing, buying, and decorating with.  For awhile now I feel like a lot of things around me are following a current trend that I never thought I'd get behind: neon.
Maybe it's because I'm craving a serious dose of color (it is white and colorless around here in February) but honestly I pieced together that quilt and pincushion last year sometime.  I agree that sometimes neon can hurt the eyes a bit, but when paired with crisp whites, calming grays, and more pastel versions of the neon shades, or grounded with a deep purple or coral they are so pretty to me!
I think my obsession with neon started with this quilt.  I've had it basted for a long time now, just need to quilt and bind it!
I found neon hanging on my wall, on my fingernails, and in my sewing and office supplies.
 In a pincushion I made (there are a few in my shop), Cosmo floss, and some twine.
I bought this twine at Home Depot of all places, and plan to make a few bracelets with it for Valentine's gifts.
I found this wooden "D" at Walmart recently, and painted it to add a pop of color to our living room shelves.  I found the scarves I've used as a backdrop here while thrifting this week.  I think I'm going to frame them and hang them in our guest room!
I think it's pretty safe to say that neon is everywhere in our house at the moment!  Good thing we have a lot of gray walls to break up all the brightness.  What about you?  Have you jumped on the neon bandwagon?


  1. My obsession has been with orange, which is a fad right now but is has always been my favorite color. :)

  2. I think of neons as "sherbets"...love them!

  3. oh that quilt is lovely. I just love the large scale and the colors!

  4. i love that rimmel fingernail polish! it is so awesome! it dries so fast and stays on for so long! i love all of the color in this post holly! makes me long for summer! everything is so brown in idaho right now!

  5. Yes indeed! I see really bright colors going around and I've been feeling it too.

  6. I'm looking for a few fun ways to incorporate neon this spring/summer, but haven't found the right combo yet. I might head to the hardware store this weekend and pick up some neon paint just to add a few accents to the house.


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