8 washi + a winner!


Did you all have a nice weekend?  My husband and I went on a little shopping trip, it was nice to get away even though it was just for one night.  When we got home I found out my order from cutetape came in!
I had ordered quite a few sets of washi tape, some glassine envelopes and some divine twine.  Partly because I wanted to make valentines, and partly because I'm a sucker for rainbows.
These are going to look so pretty hanging on my pegboard once I finish that project!  I was constantly using the yellow and orange sets I already had, so it made sense to buy some other colors.  I find that the basic color sets are the best deal (three rolls of tape for $8.50) and they have cute patterns that are versatile, so I bought those to round out the color wheel.  I also bought a silver and a gold bundle, and a couple rolls of black and white stripes.
I was so excited when I opened the package, I got right to work on my valentines!  Only a few more left to finish before tomorrow, but they're fast since they're so small.

Also, I think it's time we pick a winner of the single girl mini, don't you think?

The winner is comment #191, Debra!
Congratulations Debra!  I hope you enjoy your mini!  Thanks to all of you who entered!


  1. Lovely rolls of washi tape! I can't think of what I'd use the tape for, or I'd be tempted to get some... what sorts of uses do you find for it other than making Valentine's?

  2. i am glad you had a fun night with your husband! and what a pretty pretty rainbow! you valentines are going to be so adorable! and yay for debra. ;)

  3. Oooh, loving the washi tape! Have you seen the fun and modern washi tape dispensers on the market? So fun! :)

  4. Your valentines look awesome! Maybe a brief tutorial is in order??? :) I love the look of washi tape, but I never know what to do with it...would love to hear some of the other things you do with it!

  5. I love my washi tape and twine! I bet those Valentine's turned out super cute! Have you snatched up any of Rashida Coleman's Washi fabrics? They're my new favorite.

  6. OOO, so pretty! I think your washi rainbow is all the justification I need to round out my collection. From the sneak peak your Valentines look super cute :)

  7. I have just a tiny collection of washi, but it's super fun!Your valentines look adorable. And congratulations to Debra!


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