6 don't be crabby!


I've got a few reasons for you not to be crabby this weekend!  Reason #1 being the fact that it's Friday of course!  There is no crabbiness allowed on Fridays in our house.  Reason #2 is this adorable collection from Laurie Wisbrun, called Don't Be Crabby!  Robert Kaufman and Laurie sent me some FQs this week and I think this line is just too cute!
I'll be sharing a project that I've made with these fabrics sometime next month!  I think it's begging to be made into something for my nephews!  
The fabric will be available in your favorite shops in December.
Those crabs and whales just kill me with their cuteness!  Oh, and reason #3 to not be crabby... just look at those selvages!  I want to cut them up and stick little crabs all over everything!
Hope you have a very happy, not crabby weekend :)


  1. Oh gosh! Those crabby little selvages are SO CUTE. Those are just begging to be included in a fun selvage project.

  2. awesome holly! can't wait to see what you make with it!

  3. I want that fabric already! Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. Totally cute! Those selvages are great fun!

  5. Cute! If only the fabric came out sooner. I would love to use it to make a Christmas gift quilt for a friend of mine's son. His bedroom is nautical themed. Excited to see how you use it :)

  6. oh goodie-goodie.. i love those selvedges!!!have fun with these fabrics.. i might get some too!


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