9 sunday stash.


I meant to post this yesterday but the day got away from me!  Here are a few stash additions that I made this week.
These are some oldies but goodies.  Actually not that old, but you know what I mean.  Loulouthi, Children at Play, Peacock Lane and some basic dots and stripes.
I had picked these up at fabric.com, but sadly I wasn't very impressed with their customer service.  I won't dwell on it any more than that!

If you're in the shopping mood today, Stash Fabrics is having a sale!  10% off of everything in the shop with the code STASH10, good through Monday 9/24.  Plus free shipping over $50... you can't beat that!  I just picked up the Sewing Guide prints from Mama Said Sew!

Pink Castle Fabrics also has some fun new stuff in this weekend including Center City, Echino Decoro and Ruby Star Vinyl!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!  We've been painting our bedroom, which is not so fun but it will be when it's finished!  We also went to a furniture auction yesterday which was really fun.  I got a pretty navy blue steamer trunk with brass accents, and I'm in love :)  I think I'm going to clean it up and use it as a coffee table!


  1. I ordered some stuff from fabric.com a few weeks ago and it was so awful! My stuff didn't ship for two weeks, they ended up canceling my half of my order because it was out of stock, and then a couple of the things that I did get were wrong. Never again.

  2. good choices holly! love that trunk! we had a successful day at a yard sale yesterday! an old wire basket, a vintage table cloth, some vintage hankies and an old picture frame. love!

  3. I know what you mean about fabric.com. Sadly I've had a similar experience. They couldn't process my order for whatever reason and I had to call them, they weren't very friendly at all and it was like the lady couldn't bother to listen to what I was asking her. And I asked for a email receipt and she said no. Um, okay? She claimed I already had one (I didn't because my order never went through). I've been much more impressed with the various smaller shops (Like Stash!) that I've been discovering lately.

    That trunk is so cool!

  4. I ordered from them once or twice because of deals I just couldn't pass up, and it all had a strange smell and came folded terribly. So that was it for me! I'm planning to start doing a weekly stash post myself. I always enjoy seeing them. You have such great taste, Holly!!

  5. Wowzers! Sound like I've had the only good luck at Fabric.com. I have ordered tons from them over the years, including many bolts this summer to make drapes for the house and the service and shipping were nice and fast and packaged great. Now I'm scared that my luck will run out!! I do know that in the past 2 months they have moved locations in to bigger warehouses and I got several e-mails saying that shipping may be delayed and fabric may be on hold. Did ya'll order then.

    I'll have to check out the smaller shops you just mentioned :-) Can't resist a good sale and help out small businesses.


  6. I just recently had a WRETCHED experience with Fabric.com, too. I had to hold for 25 minutes (they must have ALL KINDS of complaints) to discuss what they did to my order, and the woman I spoke with was unpleasant, as well. They jacked up my order so badly, I'm amazed that they're able to stay in business. But I will tell anyone I know to avoid them. SO NOT WORTH IT.

  7. That trunk will be great as a coffee table. My son and dtr-in-law did that and it's fantastic.

  8. Love all of the fabric you picked up AND the amazing steamer trunk!! It would look great as a coffee table, plus it doubles as storage :)

  9. Fabric.com has amazing deals and tons of selection, but they screwed up my last order, too, and they haven't rectified it. Instead of a Children at Play print I ordered, they sent me this ungodly novelty print. I offered to send it back, but they said keep it and we'll send you what you ordered. Then a week later they said we can't send you what you ordered, but we will adjust your bill. But I had already paid and have received no credit. Argh. And I suppose I need not mention that the fabric arrives looking like it's been wadded up in a ball.


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