2 upcycled sweater pumpkins.


Sometimes I see something on Pinterest and need to make it immediately.  Like these upcycled sweater pumpkins for example!
 I had some old sweaters set aside for a project like this, so I'm happy I could give them a new life!
They are so cute and quick to make too!  I'm not going to do a tutorial, but you can use Vanessa's fabric pumpkin tutorial to make the pumpkins (just make them larger of course and use a strong thread, like embroidery thread), put a random stick from your backyard in the center for the stem, and add some felt leaves!  I added burlap to the tops of mine for a little extra texture.
I've been on a bit of a fall decorating kick this week, and these are perfect for that purpose.  I'm tempted to make a few more!  My husband has been joking that I'm going to turn into a pumpkin soon with all of the pumpkin flavored drinks I've been having lately, so I might as well add a little more fuel to that fire :)

These were very much inspired by the pumpkins from Whimsy's Workshop, in case you'd rather buy some!


  1. These are so, so cute!! I'm trying so hard to not decorate for Fall right now, since we are scheduled to close and move the first week in November, but it is so hard with all the amazing things I keep seeing on pinterest! I love these type of projects. :)

  2. These are so pretty, Holly. They make me want to touch them. I am so lazy about holiday decorating. I usually get out fall stuff like the day before...


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