5 halloween sewing.


I've been eager to do a little sewing for Halloween and finally got some time yesterday on my day off of work!  I had totally forgotten that we have Columbus Day off, so it was like a freebie for me since I was reminded of it Friday just before I traveled back home from Boston.  It was nice to have an extra day to recover, work trips always make me so tired!

I spent the morning yesterday stitching up two table runners.  Nothing too complicated, just some simple scrappy patchwork!

I'm in the process of quilting them now, hoping to finish that up tonight and get them bound so I can enjoy them for a couple weeks!
In other news, my computer is getting fixed at the moment, and I am lost without Photoshop and Illustrator!  I never realized how much I used those programs until I didn't have them for an entire weekend.  I'm counting down the hours until the computer is back in my possession :)


  1. you must share some pics of your decorating inside once they are finished! xo

  2. I love anything Halloween, these runners included. Can't wait to see the finished products and the way you decorate with them. Sorry about your 'puter!

  3. Super cute runners, Holly! Sorry to hear about your computer repairs. I hope they fix it fast!

  4. This is the most perfect Halloween runner ever! I love it, Holly!

  5. I love your Halloween runners and your house decorations . Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas.


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