17 an exciting announcement!


Have you all heard of Threadbias?  I'm sure most of you have, it's a great community-based website where you can share all of your sewing projects!  You can also buy and sell sewing and quilt patterns, join groups, and follow other members to see what they've been making.  It's pretty awesome!

The Threadbias team has also been working on a new Quilt Design Tool, a program where you can draw up quilt designs and color in the pieces with fabrics from your stash!  There are going to be some cool features in this tool that are really useful to quilters!  If you're curious, there are a couple videos of the tool in use here.
I am thrilled to announce that I am going to be working with the Threadbias team to design the user interface for the Quilt Design Tool!  It's like a melding of crafty and professional worlds for me, and I am extremely excited to have a part in designing a tool that is meant to be used by quilters like myself.  The tool will be launching at QuiltCon in February (in Booths 102 & 103), and I am so happy that I'll be there to see it unveiled!

If you are as excited as I am about this new Quilt Design Tool, I encourage you to purchase an advance subscription of the tool here.  All packages include early access to the beta version, which will be released as soon as we can get enough of the design work completed and incorporated into the tool!

9 sewing with solids.

I spent some time yesterday working with these super soft Cotton Couture solids.  
I just cut a bunch of strips and started randomly putting them together, inspired by this quilt from Simply Robin.  I have a couple more blocks to finish, but it will most likely become a mini quilt/wall hanging.
The colors I used here are Coral, Powder Blue, JewelStarfruitWatermelonMermaidPetalMarineTangerineLimeadeFogVioletLuna, and Bright White.  I'm guest posting over on the Pink Castle Fabrics blog today if you want to read more about my thoughts on solids!

13 pillow talk swap, round 9.


I finished up my pillow for my partner in the Pillow Talk Swap last night!
I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out!  Although someone mentioned that it looked like molecules and now that's all I see.  Hopefully my partner likes chemistry! :)
I'll be packing this up with some other goodies and shipping it off to it's new home this afternoon!

p.s.  This also serves as a sneak peek of our new bedroom!  Still a work in progress but it's coming along nicely.

13 on the design wall.


Just wanted to share what's on my design wall this week!  This is a very old do.Good Stitches quilt that I really need to finish.  (You can find the tutorial for the Lone Starburst blocks here).
I'm determined to finish this quilt this month, so I started making the last few blocks yesterday, and plan to spend some time paper piecing tonight as well.
These blocks take awhile but the end result is pretty amazing!  Looking forward to seeing this quilt done. I'm embarrassed that it's taken me so long!

8 sewing progress.


I was feeling a little uninspired last week as far as blogging was concerned, so it was nice to take a little break!  It definitely helped, and I find myself looking forward to posting this week!  Just because I wasn't blogging doesn't mean I wasn't sewing though; I actually made a decent amount of progress on things.

I finished making hexagons for my PTS9 pillow and started joining them together!  I should be able to finish the rest pretty quickly.
I also made some progress on this Simply Color Ombre quilt!  It's all pieced, but I have some work left to do before I can quilt it.
I finished two more days of my Kawaii Winter Wonderland sampler!  Looking forward to later this week when I'll have time to work on this again!  I've really been enjoying seeing all the samplers pop up on Instagram (use hashtag #kawaiiwintersampler to add your photos)!
Here's my sampler so far!  I'm omitting the kawaii faces on the ornaments and such.  I think they're really cute but I think I'll be happier with it in my own house without all the extra eyes :)
In other exciting news... today is move-in day!  We're finally moving our stuff back into our bedroom tonight!  It's been 11 months since I've slept in there, so I am very excited about this!  It will feel good to have things back to normal again, and in a much prettier version of our bedroom!  Pictures to come soon :)

3 new blogger bundles at pink castle fabrics.

Hi!  Did you miss me last week?  I'll be posting some sewing progress later today but I wanted to share some new blogger bundles I put together at Pink Castle Fabrics, along with an awesome sale!

This bundle is called Sunday Best... lots of pretty blues and grays in this one!
 And here's Midtown Fiesta!  Citron, coral, teal, and black...one of my favorite color combos!
Pink Castle Fabrics is having an awesome sale today... 20% off of everything in her shop using the code VETERAN20. The sale is for today only, so hurry up and start shopping :)

11 kawaii winter wonderland.


Have you seen the latest pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery?  The last thing I need is another hobby, but I just couldn't resist this cute Kawaii Winter Wonderland cross stitch pattern!  It's a mystery sampler, so each week you get an email from Amanda and Ashleigh that unveils the next 5 little squares of cuteness.  There are 25 total, so it's perfect for a Christmas Advent calendar!
I finished up my first square today after spending hours on it last night.  I'm so slow!  But it's turning out really cute!  You can't really see the white number "1" on the fabric I picked (I am clueless about cross stitching and randomly picked up this piece of aida cloth awhile back) but I still like it.  I might add a light gray to highlight the number at some point, but I'll wait to see how the next few turn out first.
If you're interested in this pattern, it's on sale for $10 until November 10th!  You can also find Cosmo floss kits for the pattern at The Workroom.

I'm looking forward to spending some quality time on the couch this weekend stitching up the next square! :)  I'll be sharing more progress shots of this over on Instagram I'm sure, using the hashtag #kawaiiwintersampler.  I'd love to see your progress if you're stitching too!  Hope you all have a nice weekend!

8 new quilt.


I cut into some fabric for a new quilt today!  This one should go together pretty quickly.  I'm even planning a new pattern to go along with it!
The colored strips are Ombre Solids from Vanessa Christenson's Simply Color collection, which is available for preorder from Stash Fabrics.  I'm hoping to have the quilt done just in time for yardage to come out in case you want to make one too.  I'll share more of this quilt very soon!
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