7 saturday stash.


I've had a some pretty stash additions the past couple weeks!  First... Luxe in Bloom by Sarah Watson!  This collection is seriously just beautiful.  The combination of ikat + watercolor + geometrics + florals is stunning.
I have a lot of favorite prints in this collection, as you can see by the stack on the right! :) The left stack is half yards, the right is a yard and a half each.  I think these are perfect prints for clutches and bags, and the Crystalline and Flumes prints make great basics!
 I can't wait to start sewing with this collection!  Maybe a quilt for myself for once?
Next, a pretty stack of Pearl Bracelets (available here and here!)  These prints by Lizzy House are one of my favorite basics, and now I have the entire rainbow!

In case you're in the mood for some shopping today...
Pink Castle Fabrics is having a huge sale with a selection of over 500 fabrics!  The sale ends tomorrow (Sunday).
Stash Fabrics has a bunch of new fabrics in stock and is offering free shipping over $50 with the code FREEOVER50.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. Luxe in Bloom is my favorite right now! I worked with some of it yesterday during my sewing time and it is lovely! And, Sarah is so sweet, too!!

  2. It really is a special collection. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of it. I feel like I've really "seen" it now.

  3. The fabrics are so pretty I'm drooling as I type! Gorgeous! And love, love, love the pearl bracelets!

  4. darn it Holly -- I'm resisting the Luxe in Bloom, and you always put me over the top! ;) (I already have the Bracelets of course)

  5. I am definitely in love with Luxe. I bought two yards of a favorite print for a new top! You're right, though; it is definitely a great bag fabric, too!

  6. I love your Pearl Bracelets and want to order the one that is Tiffany blue-esque. What is the name of the color just above the navy fq? Is that the closest match to Tiffany blue?
    Thank you for your yummy pics and help in identifying the correct Pearl Bracelets color to order.


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