7 holiday making.


Well I completely failed to get official finished photos of everything I made for Christmas gifts other than Dani's quilt, but hopefully Instagram pictures are good enough?

Open wide pouches for my sister Gaby, pillowcases for my grandmother (I use the hot dog method), and Don't Be Crabby pillows for my nephews.
Cardamom cakes (sorry, secret family recipe), salted caramels and salted caramel sauce.
  And of course, a bunch of Christmas cookies!  Not as many as I typically make, but still plenty.
I was happy with the amount of handmade gifts I could give out this year, especially since I didn't really make many ahead of time!  It was a busy week before Christmas, that's for sure.


  1. All lovely! I love cardamom cake and made one this thanksgiving too. I wish more people were aware of how good it is!

  2. Superb handmade gifts from the heart to your loves ones...lucky family and friends...Happy New Year. May this year bless you and your loved ones with everything your hearts desire together with laughter and joy.


  3. love the pillowcases for your Grandma and your bundt cake pan is gorgeous!!

  4. That looks like an amazing handmade Christmas! Amazing looking cookies....

  5. Your pillow cases are beautiful. Your cookies amazing. I'm sure glad we are not comparing.

  6. wow, those are some amazing handmade gifts! i always love your attention to detail-- the wrapping on the caramels is so cute!


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