10 chalet sewing weekend: portraits!


Happy Friday!  I'm back home after a few days in Boston, and happy to have a mostly free weekend!  Strawberry picking and jam making are in the plans, as well as finishing up a sewing project or two.

I'm hoping you don't mind if I show you some portraits I took during our chalet sewing weekend, since they're of a few people I think you'll know?

First, Anna in some pretty fields.

Deedee (and her pretty Swoon quilt!)

Jeni, rolling in vintage sheets!

And Jacey, showing off her stash!

I had so much fun taking these, it's fun to just mess around and shoot pictures of friends.  It helps to have such pretty scenery outside your back door too!  These were all taken on the chalet property.


  1. these are gorgeous, holly! you take such amazing photos. i know these are all beautiful women to begin with, but they all seem to glow in these pictures.

  2. You take lovely pictures. You have a real knack of making everyone's best features shine. I wish you could take photos of me! I hate having photos taken, I always find something I don't like to see about myself.

  3. lovely shots! I am particularly happy to see the lovely Jacey - I miss her so!

  4. These are so great!! Loved seeing them pop up in instagram - I'm sure it helped that you were all just having a fun time there, too!

  5. You are so talented Holly! Beautiful

  6. These photos are so pretty. I saw some on Jeni's blog and I'm glad you showed the rest.

  7. Seriously, Holly, you are awesome. I just love you! Thank you again for doing this for all of us. It was so fun!

  8. so so so lovely you did an amazing job


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