9 chalet sewing.


Last weekend I took a trip down to Madison and Mt. Horeb to meet up for a weekend of sewing with a few friends.
JeniJaceyDeedee, Faith, Anna and I rented out a beautiful chalet in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin and spent our days sewing, shopping, eating, and dyeing fabric!   
I was very inspired just being in the chalet, the inside was so beautiful and the view outside was pretty great too.

I finished quilting my Indian Summer quilt while I was there.  I'm usually not the best at actually sewing during retreats, but it felt good to get something done this time.

I also started working on a project for a new tutorial, which should be finished soon.

It was so nice to just sit around, chatting and sewing with friends.  I don't get to do that very often!

We ate a ton of really delicious food while we were there, including gigantic pretzels for dinner at The Grumpy Troll.
We went to The Coopers Tavern in downtown Madison and had the most delicious Belgian frites with garlic aioli.
Deedee is an amazing cook, and made us fancy breakfasts every morning.  She also made an iced mocha cheesecake that was to die for!
Anna made Italian sodas and even brought cute paper straws for us!
We stopped at Jeni's apartment a few times to visit her bunny George.  It was fun to see her cute apartment and her sewing room!  We joked that it felt like we were stepping into her blog!
Back at the chalet, we tried out indigo dyeing for the first time.  I only dyed a few things, but everyone's pieces were really successful.  Here's my favorite of Jeni's pieces, which she made by tying rocks into the fabric before dyeing it.  I made a little video of the reveal on IG which was kind of fun.

 Here are all of our dyed pieces together!
Overall, it was just a really relaxing and fun weekend.  It's so nice to get together with friends!  I'm very grateful to have all of these girls so close to me (and Jacey, who was willing to make the trip up from Texas!)
Photo by Faith
We didn't think to take photos at the chalet until it was all cleaned up, and at that point, Anna and Faith had already left.  Thankfully Faith had taken a picture of all of us at The Sewcial Lounge!

By the end of the trip, we already decided that we'll be coming back again next year!  I'm already looking forward to it :)


  1. It was such a fun weekend, I'm really looking forward to next year!! The photos of us together came out great! Also, my shirt totally matches your blog! ;)

  2. Such a gorgeous Chalet. Glad you had fun ; )

  3. It looks like y'all had so much fun!

  4. eeeeeeeep! SO envious! Looks like so much fun :-)

  5. Looks much fun and the place is pretty nice!

  6. Oy! How fun is THAT! That makes me want to set something like that up . . . ;)

  7. Beautiful all the way around - what a great idea and nice way to socialize and vacation and sew at the same time! Love that Indian Summer quilt too - the muted colors are most lovely.

  8. I just love how visually rich and satisfying this post is - I might have come back to re-read it four times by now. The chalet looks beautiful and I'm thinking of trying to dye some fabric, inspired by this post.

  9. It was the BEST time. Thank you again for encouraging me. I am so happy I was able to be there with you all. So many memories!


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