9 bathroom update.


I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!  I didn't mess up the ham, so thanks for crossing your fingers :)  We spent a good portion of the weekend putting the master bathroom back together.  It's still not finished, but it's actually semi-functional now!
We sealed the floors and installed the vanity, toilet, and light fixtures on Saturday.  Obviously we're missing a sink, due to a faulty bolt in the countertop, but we should be able to fix that this week and get this side of the bathroom totally functional!  We're also still missing a shower door and fixtures, trim, and we need to paint the door and add the other bathroom fixtures and figure out shelves in here, among other things.  Definitely work left to be done!
Can I tell you how happy these pendant lights make me?  They are my favorite part!  Along with the floors of course.
I think it's about time to buy some accessories for the room.  I already have a few items on my wishlist at West Elm!


  1. It's looking so fabulous! I adore the floors, and I just love how everything looks together!

  2. It looks great! I got that same vanity in the smaller size and also had a faulty bolt for one of the sinks!

  3. i too love your pendant lights! and i love the stuff on your wish list! those hand towels are seriously awesome!!!

  4. killin' me with all this gorgeousness!
    Congratulations on progress!

  5. Those lamps are fabulous! Have fun picking out the perfect accessories :)

  6. FANCY PANTS!!! So much fun seeing the progress pics on Instagram; finished product is super nice! :)

  7. Oh my gosh! I would live in your bathroom- it is soooooo elegant and beautiful


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