8 bag progress.


I spent the better part of last night cutting and interfacing the pieces for my Go Anywhere Bag! (pattern here)
It's funny how long the prep work takes while making a bag.  I spend hours cutting and pressing and interfacing, and then the actual sewing part doesn't take long at all!
I'm excited to finish this one.  It has been a really long time since I've made a bag.  I might even have to keep it for myself for once!


  1. Great fabric choices! I just made a go anywhere for the first time this week. It took me FOREVER...I suffer majorly from "ooooo...shiny" syndrome and kept wandering off.

  2. love the fabrics! i hope you do keep it. you deserve a new bag! ;)

  3. Oh, I like how this one is starting out. NICE fabrics!

  4. wohoo!!! it's going to be so pretty!!! I hope you keep it for yourself! :)

  5. Such great fabric choices-- I wouldn't part with this one, either!

  6. It's no surprise that I love the way this is shaping up!


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