5 bee blocks.


I wanted to share some bee blocks I made recently, starting with these improv blocks for a quilt for a dear friend.  Nicke received her finished quilt a few days ago so it's safe to post these!
This quilt was made to give Nicke some strength and love after the passing of her mother, so I highlighted a few words of encouragement in the first block with handstitching.
 In the second block I filled in a little heart, as well as signed my name on one of the solid strips.
I really like the color scheme and the sort of 80s vibe that came through in these blocks, I might have to revisit it at some point!

Next, I finally finished my November blocks for do.Good Stitches (a month late, oops!).  The theme was "Amber Waves" with a yellow/gold and gray color palette, with blocks made using this tutorial
The blocks have some fancy pleats going on in the middle which are going to give the finished quilt some great texture!

Just need to finish my December blocks and I'll be all caught up and finished with bee blocks for awhile.


  1. Those blocks for Nicke are so 80's cool. How totally you-for-her style. I mean, you + her. You know what I mean?

  2. they're all amazing blocks Holly!
    and suck sweet extra little touches!

  3. i love your blocks for nicke! so stylish and so meaningful.

  4. I really love how you added those little touches to the blocks for Nicke. Sweet, sweet, sweet!


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