10 it's about time.


A fabric post, finally!  Here's a little peek at what's on my cutting table.

A circle quilt made from these fabrics is coming soon!  I can't wait to finally start sewing something...it has been far too long and I think my sewing machine is feeling neglected.

1 merry christmas.


I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!
Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

7 a year older.


Monday was my 27th birthday.  It was a low key day, spent working and organizing my office/sewing room.  My husband bought me some new shelves and a bench for fabric storage, so I had fun filling them up with all of my favorite fabrics.

I also got an antique storage cabinet to hold some odds and ends.

My curtains for the kitchen arrived in the mail that day too!
We had dinner at The White House with family, which was delicious as always (the smoked chicken sandwich is my personal favorite) and my sister came over after just getting back from college to chat over a glass of wine.  Overall it was a pretty great day!

5 the kitchen plan.


Now that you know how our kitchen looked when we moved in, it's time to share what we have planned for the room.

The blue/green color is going on the walls, above the cabinets and chair rail.  The dark color should make the cabinets seem a little less yellow, and you'll actually be able to see the tile backsplash that currently just sort of blends in with the rest of the walls.  The light gray will go below the chair rail and continue on into the back hallway.  We'll replace all the switchplates and outlets with either white or stainless steel, the cream ones that are currently in there have to go!  We need to replace the outlets anyway, because none of them actually hold a plug!  (It's quite frustrating when I try to vacuum and the cord falls out every five seconds.)

We'll add some curtains with a modern print on them to the sliding door to break up all the solid colors, and a mirror on the wall near the kitchen table to bring the silvers over to that side of the room (the other side has all of the shiny appliances).  Then we'll add some white vases and accessories to brighten it up a bit.

So that is the plan for the kitchen.  It's already been partially executed, I am just waiting for my curtains to come in and need to order some accessories and switchplates before I share the "after" pictures.  We're onto the first floor bathroom next, so I'll share a little more about that room soon.

3 getting in the christmas spirit.


I've finally had a little time to get into the Christmas spirit around here.  It's kind of funny to decorate for Christmas while my house is still in such a transition phase, but I just can't help myself.  Christmas music and glittery things make me smile, what can I say?

Can you believe there's only 11 days until Christmas?  December always flies by so fast.  I still have a ton of cookies to bake and I haven't even started wrapping gifts yet.  Usually it's looking pretty full under our tree by now!  Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

7 before: kitchen and hallway.


Since I've been spending pretty much all of my time in our kitchen lately, I think it's time I updated you what we've been doing in there.  Here's what our kitchen looked like when we moved in.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think there was anything really wrong with the kitchen before.  I love love love my island, the gorgeous granite, and our appliances!  Other than the rooster border and stripes, I didn't really even hate the paint job, but with it being so light there was a little too much focus on all of the wood  for my taste.  

We've also been working on the back hallway that connects the kitchen, half bath, laundry room, mud room, and garage entrance.  Again, here are the before pics.

Oh, floral wallpaper, how I loathe thee.  Let me just say that the amount of wallpaper in this room was very misleading!  

And now for a little teaser, here's the paint we bought for these rooms.

Next up, I'll let you in on the plan!

4 innocent crush winner!


Thank you all for entering the giveaway for the Innocent Crush fat quarter bundle!

The random number generator says the winner is:
Which means that Libby of Scrap Happy gets a new stack of gorgeous fabric!  Congratulations Libby!  I'll be contacting you shortly.

4 guest bedroom progress.


Thank you for all of the wonderful blog feedback you've given me through the giveaway comments!  You still have a few days to enter. Of course tutorials are #1 on the list of things you want more of, and I do promise to get some more of those up eventually. But it sounds like you also want to hear more about our house, and that is something I can give you right now!

I got the bed set up in the guest room yesterday. The house is looking a little more put together every day, but we still have some unpacking left to do. Of course we still need to paint and figure out furniture for the rest of this room, but I'm happy with how the bed looks for now.
Of course what you don't see in this picture is all of the mess piled up in the bedroom. Let's keep it real, shall we?
Empty boxes, martini glasses (not sure why those are in here), butterflies and a ceiling fan. Just what I want for our guest bedroom! As you can see I've got some paint swatches up on the wall (I'm thinking a purplish gray would look nice in here), but we've got a few other rooms to paint before we get to this one. We start the kitchen and back hallway this weekend, so you'll hear more from me on that project soon. Happy Friday!
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